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What People Say


Eddie K.

Fall 2016 DiscipleOn! Participant
Enjoyed the discussion about the tools, specifically the ministry application and ministry evaluation tools. Also want to follow up about Spiritual Direction ministry - agree with Christyn, it’s nice to have these relationships to ask about these things!

Ken S.

Fall 2016 DiscipleOn! Participant
I appreciate the honesty and vulnerability of my DiscipleOn! community. Thanks for being authentic. Seeing other ideas for resources and templates is a great gift.
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Bob Reese

at the Synod of the Southwest (Presbyterian Church - USA), 2016
Having a unifying purpose, growing as a disciple, provides a view of our shared Christian life that helps us (teams in the church) work together. The pursuit/goal transcends the different programs and areas of the church life we work in - and a sense for all connected to our spheres of influence that the Christian life is dynamic. From this our offerings can be refined and developed.
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Pete Seiferth

Northminster Presbyterian Church, Tucson, AZ
This was so helpful in describing what is true about discipleship, with a challenge to move forward, without it just being a set of techniques to make my church more successful. As a discipleship pastor, I feel like I have some real direction for my leadership with excellent handles and a clear challenge and hopeful encouragement to move ahead.
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Andrew Bywaters

West Houston Chinese Church (TX)
The discussion on the Wall really helped us to understand what is going on with people at the wall spiritually and emotionally, and generated terrific discussion on our pastoral staff about how to help people through.