Charting Your CHURCH Course

Coaching for clear direction for your church's next chapter.
  • YEar 1: coaching PROCESS & cost
  • YEARs 2 & 3

Are you considering developing a vision for your church moving forward, but want someone to guide you through the process to define the next chapter? God is calling your church to align itself with the unique purpose He already has for your church.

  • Discover your church's uniqueness.
  • Discern how God is at work and your direction for the next 5 years. 
  • Determine and implement the best action steps to produce movement in that direction.
  • Celebrate the progress God has graciously given and again step forward.

We believe God has already been at work uniquely shaping your church for the future He has for you. Our call is not to invent your future, but to discover what God is already doing.

​For more information, please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

DisciplePath Coaching

A clear DisciplePath will kickstart intentional growth.
  • coaching PROCESS & cost
  • DiscipleOn

DisciplePath coaching can be augmented by participation in DiscipleOn for a few key church leaders for the low cost of $350 per season (5 months) per leader.

  • Community: Up to ten people, including the facilitator, together in a community over a 5-month period for mutual growth and support in implementing a DisciplePath in your congregation.
  • Catalytic Gathering: Each month your community gathers by video for 90 minutes of discussion ignited by one core topic or case study. If you're inspired through conversation and collaboration, your mind will be fueled as your passion is intensified.
  • Expert Webinar: All communities gather together for a special 90-minute webinar mid-season. This webinar includes an exclusive live interview with an experienced leader in congregation-wide discipleship.
  • Resourcing Vault: Access to a growing vault of cutting-edge resources, fresh from practitioners in all the DiscipleOn communities. Videos and transcripts of your community gatherings and expert webinars will be available here!
  • DiscipleOn Forum: Membership in a unique forum where you can interact with other practitioners like you from across all DiscipleOn communities. Here you can get your questions answered or receive feedback on a resource you developed.
  • Priority Access: Through personal interaction with your gathering facilitator and on the forum, you'll have direct access to the Ascending Leaders staff and their breadth of experience with discipleship systems in a diverse range of churches.

REVEAL for Church: Survey Coaching

Coaching for a church taking the REVEAL instrument can spell the difference between no noticeable long-term progress and significant growth in discipling effectiveness.
  • Coaching Process & Cost
  • Case Study

Not familiar with REVEAL for Church? Start here: spiritual life survey

Why use a coach?

An experienced coach can help you:

  • As your church prepares for and takes the REVEAL instrument.
  • Interpret your results.
  • Clearly communicate your results to your leadership and congregation.
  • Plan and implement some early wins.
  • Plan and implement a complete two-year strategy to address weaknesses revealed by the survey.