Charting Your CHURCH Course

Next chapter vision process, facilitated by a guide-alongside from Ascending Leaders.
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We believe God has already been at work uniquely shaping your church for the future He has for you. Our call is not to invent your future, but to discover what God is already doing.

DisciplePath Coaching

A clear DisciplePath will kickstart intentional growth.
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Most churches don't have a clearly defined path to move people through the discipleship stages. Ascending Leaders brings a proven framework for building your own effective DisciplePath. We don't bring our own set of programs. Rather we apply our experience and research to your unique context. 

You can contract with us for anywhere from one to eighteen months to meet with your church leaders and assist you in developing a quality discipleship pathway for your congregation. This service is custom-designed for your specific desires and needs. Contact us to coach you through a discipleship plan for your church.

  • Guidance to help your people understand the stages of discipleship.
  • Get the help needed to do the hard work of creating a clear path.
  • Support to avoid mistakes when creating a truly simple path.
  • Encouragement to effectively help people across all stages move forward.
​For more information, please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your needs.
Rev. Darrell DelaneyMadison Church, Square campus         

I believe the most frustrating thing about our discipleship pathway before, is the fact that there didn't seem to have a clear delineation of how to get on the path, and what markers were there to move a person forward on the pathway. In other words, how can one know WHERE you are, and HOW to grow? These are the most important things that Ascending Leaders helped us to clearly define in our work together. Now we have a clearer sense of how to assess where people are and how people can grow in their discipleship. We are most grateful for this process."

REVEAL for Church: Survey Coaching

Coaching for a church taking the REVEAL instrument can spell the difference between no noticeable long-term progress and significant growth in discipling effectiveness.
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Not familiar with REVEAL for Church? Start here: spiritual life survey

Why use a coach?

An experienced coach can help you:

  • As your church prepares for and takes the REVEAL instrument.
  • Interpret your results.
  • Clearly communicate your results to your leadership and congregation.
  • Plan and implement some early wins.
  • Plan and implement a complete two-year strategy to address weaknesses revealed by the survey.

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