Clear DisciplePaths for Discipleship Momentum

Most churches lack a clearly defined path to keep people growing. At Ascending Leaders, we have a proven framework for assessing where existing programs fit on this “DisciplePath”, and where steps might be missing. When leaders identify the different stages of discipleship in their church and create the conditions for progress, disciples, leaders, and churches flourish.

NEW Workshop Available!

We are now offering an evening congregational workshop on telling faith stories by discipleship stages. These workshops provide a better understanding of the stages of a disciple’s growth and help leaders to get a clearer glimpse into what kind of ministries have moved people forward at each stage. Click below to learn more! 


Do your people know where to grow? Are your church ministries aligned around a common definition of discipleship?

Stages of Faith

Disciples need different things in different stages. Defining and identifying where people are at can accelerate spiritual growth.

Books & Resources

Small group studies to promote spiritual formation and free downloads for church leaders developing DisciplePaths.

Unifying Purpose for Church Teams

Having a unifying purpose, growing as a disciple, provides a view of our shared Christian life that helps us (teams in the church) work together. The pursuit/goal transcends the different programs and areas of the church life we work in - and a sense for all connected to our spheres of influence that the Christian life is dynamic. From this our offerings can be refined and developed.

Ministry Evaluation Tools

Enjoyed the discussion about the tools, specifically the ministry application and ministry evaluation tools. Also want to follow up about Spiritual Direction ministry - agree with Christyn, it’s nice to have these relationships to ask about these things!

Inspiring and Encouraging

Dave and Mike are both passionate and gifted leaders. They are always inspiring and encouraging to everyone! Every session I have left with new ideas from the leaders, and from the other churches. Even the long 2-hour travel to Des Moines ended up being a blessing for our group of leaders to learn more about each other, connect, and discuss our action items more in depth.

Back Into Focus

Thank you, Mike & Cathy, for coming to Peace Community Church yesterday and doing excellent work at facilitating the project and bringing us back into focus as needed. I'm looking forward to digging into the material and gaining clarity about objectives for the future.

Inspired & Equipped

Our church hosted a DiscipleForward workshop, with 13 of us attending the dynamic event. My only regret is that not more people from our church could have experienced the training with us. We left inspired about developing our own discipleship pathway and better equipped to take the next step as a leadership team. As an aside, my personal commitment to be a growing disciple of Christ was also sparked by the training. I highly recommend this conference to anyone who is looking to lead people into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Deeper Questions

It was great to have space for processing out loud and asking deeper questions. We had the time to immediately apply concepts and walk away with usable actions.

Much Discussion!

I participated in DiscipleForward along with 9 leaders from my church. The workshop prompted much discussion at lunch among the Clear Lake Presbyterian Church ministry leaders who attended. Thanks to Ascending Leaders for a very informative and provocative morning.

Discipleship Retreat

Mike, I want to thank you so much for leading our adult discipleship retreat on Saturday. Your facilitation and expertise helped us make a lot of headway toward bringing some focus to our ministry to adults in particular. Thank you for the time you took to prepare and for sharing your day with us.

Discipleship in Our DNA

I want to sincerely thank you for our leadership last Saturday. The session was a great use of time and helped set us on a clearer path towards embedding discipleship into our DNA. I also want to thank you for all the work you do for the kingdom. It is a great combination to have a deep understanding of church/organizational structure combined with the desire and knowledge to walk in relationship with Christ.

Nice job, and thank you!

I wanted to let you know, too, that there was a lot of great feedback from the weekend, both from those who were going through the seminar for the first time, as well as those who went through it last fall. Nice job, and thank you!

We'll be talking about next steps tomorrow morning, and we'll talk with you in a week!

Bring an Elder

Having an elder with me allowed us to compare notes about what we heard (people hear things differently), brainstorm together about how this could apply in our church and left the responsibility of sharing with other leaders in our church not on just me.

Helping Adults Grow in Walk of Faith

Mike is always looking for the best way to help adults grow in their walk of faith. He is an enthusiastic presenter who is able to stay on message while making adjustments for the congregations he is with.

Generated Terrific Discussion

The discussion on "The Wall" really helped us to understand what is going on with people at the wall spiritually and emotionally, and generated terrific discussion on our pastoral staff about how to help people through.

A Challenge to Move Forward

This was so helpful in describing what is true about discipleship, with a challenge to move forward, without it just being a set of techniques to make my church more successful. As a discipleship pastor, I feel like I have some real direction for my leadership with excellent handles and a clear challenge and hopeful encouragement to move ahead.


I appreciate the honesty and vulnerability of my DiscipleOn! community. Thanks for being authentic. Seeing other ideas for resources and templates is a great gift.

Bob Reese Pastor
Eddie Kirkland Pastor
Jennifer Wagaman Cedar Hills Community Church
Rev. David Hornor Pastor
Nick In't Hout Pastor of Discipleship
Rev. Kate Walker Associate Pastor
Rachel Young Pastor of Spiritual Formation
Tammy G.
Ryan Faber Pastor of Worship and Administration
Gary Brouwers Pastor, Peace Church
Rev. Andy Sytsma Pastor
Laura K. Regional Catalyzer for Faith Formation Ministries
Andrew Bywaters English Pastor
Dr. Pete Seiferth Associate Pastor (Discipleship and Multicultural Ministries)
Ken Schripsema Executive Director of Ministry

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