Beyond Yourself – Stewarding Your Influence

As you progress through the Stages of Faith, the Beyond Yourself collection is an excellent choice for furthering your spiritual growth. We recommend you start with Your Pathways, then the Spirit’s Fruit series, and then Christ Habits before jumping into Beyond Yourself. Beyond Yourself challenges you with this question: [...]

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Christ Habits Collection – Real Change for Real People

If you're a visual learner, good news! You can see where our small group studies and resources fit within the Stages of Faith. As you can see, after Spirit's Fruit we recommend you pick up the Christ Habits collection. Christ Habits looks at perhaps the most crucial question for any Christ-follower: how can I open my life as fully as possible to the transforming grace [...]

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Where does Spirit’s Fruit fit in?

The Spirit's Fruit collection was the second set of books Ascending Leaders published for small group use, after Christ Habits, but we recommend you start with these as soon as you've gone through Your Pathways and before you dive into the spiritual disciplines found in Christ Habits. There are nine books in this collection, and we suggest you use them in the following order [...]

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Where to start with our small group studies

One of the questions we hear a lot is where to start with our small group studies. To answer that question, we're starting up a series of blog posts to give you a peek inside each of our study collections! If you want to dive in, the best place to get started right away is with Your Pathways: Strong Connection with God. The core idea behind this study is that the most meanin [...]

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