Listening Together: Gaining Spiritual Direction

Spiritual friends are as essential to our individual following of God’s directions as close trusted friends are to life in general. In holy listening, we can serve each other by truly being present and asking probing questions – while trusting the Holy Spirit to do His work, and respecting the spiritual journey of your friend. In this setting, you are not the teacher, advic [...]

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Rewind: DiscipleOn Information Webinar

See for yourself what it's like to be part of a DiscipleOn! community! Coaches Dr. Michael Johnson and Pastor Ken Schripsema answering questions about the online learning community. This is the perfect opportunity to find out exactly how participation in a community of enthusiastic and experienced discipleship leaders can impact YOUR church's approach to discipleship. [...]

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DisciplePaths – Behind the Scenes or Out in Front?

Coaching Question: "In your experience, is it important that we name each of our discipleship studies (boulders, rocks, pebbles) by which stage it's in for people in the congregation to see, or is that more for our discipleship staff and team in a 'behind the scenes' sense?'" Mike's Answer: I suspect you and I agree on this statement--the best answer is the one that will cle [...]

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The 2016 Mission Progress Report is available now!

Each year we pause and look back to assess progress toward our mission of helping churches, leaders and disciples flourish. In 2016, our focus was on expanding and concentrating on: Our Staff Team... to multiply our ministry. Our Audience... so that we have a stronger interdenominational impact. Our Revenue Base... to respond well to the large need for better discipl [...]

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