Are you responsible for leading discipleship in your congregation?

You don't need to do it alone.

8 out of 10 community members agree (or strongly agree) that participation in DiscipleOn Season 2 resulted in at least one TANGIBLE step forward for discipleship in their church. Watch the video below to find out exactly how participation in a community of enthusiastic and experienced discipleship leaders can impact YOUR church's approach to discipleship.

Early-bird registration closes December 15th for the next 5-month season!

Communities will first meet during the last two weeks of February.

For mutual growth and support in implementing a DisciplePath in your congregation.

Join an online learning community of ten people or less, over a 5-month period. If you're looking to do more than a curriculum here-and-there, a DiscipleOn community will provide support to work toward a new day of discipleship in your church.

Not everyone is going to progress through all four stages of discipleship. But their church shouldn't be the reason they get stuck. By working together with equally impassioned leaders from multiple regions and a variety of backgrounds, you'll help develop a rich disciple-growing environment for your congregation.                                    


This probably isn't for you unless...

  • You're a practitioner in the operations of discipleship in a church (usually discipleship staff).
  • You're working toward a new day of discipleship in your church.
  • You're seeking support to work on intentional discipleship systems in your church over a span of years. You want to do more than a curriculum here-and-there.
  • You want more than a course, class, or system -- you want the support, collaboration, and resources that come with being a member of an authentic disciple-growing community.

DiscipleOn Includes:

Your Own Community

Up to ten people, including the facilitator, together in a community over a 5-month period for mutual growth and support in implementing a DisciplePath in your congregation.

Catalytic Gathering

Each month your community will gather together for 90 minutes of discussion ignited by one core topic or case study. If you are  inspired through conversation and collaboration, your mind will be fueled as your passion is intensified.

DiscipleOn Expert Webinar

All communities will gather together for a 90-minute webinar mid-season. This webinar will include an exclusive live interview with an experienced leader in congregation-wide discipleship.

Resourcing Vault

Access to a growing vault of cutting-edge resources, fresh from practitioners in all the DiscipleOn communities. Videos and transcripts of your community gatherings and expert webinars will be available here!

DiscipleOn Forum

Membership in a unique forum where you can interact with other practitioners like you from across all the DiscipleOn communities. Here you can get your questions answered or receive feedback on a resource you developed.

Priority Access

Through personal interaction with your gathering facilitator and on the forum, you will have direct access to the Ascending Leaders staff and their breadth of experience with discipleship systems in a diverse range of churches.

Next season starts in February!

Will you be there?

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1. Be intentionally building a disciple culture/system in your church. 

2. Be familiar with the basics of a DisciplePath. This can be accomplished in several ways, including attendance at a DiscipleForward workshop or completion of one of Dr. Johnson's congregation-wide discipleship seminar classes at Fuller Seminary. You may also view the YouTube playlist "Congregation-wide Adult Disciple-Making" on the Ascending Leaders channel.

Membership Details

Five-month membership to a DiscipleOn learning community: $350.

Supercharge this with added one-on-one coaching.

+ One-on-One X2 Package -
 Two 75-minute sessions of individual coaching, normally $200 each. Add these two sessions to your DiscipleOn membership for just $330 (a $70 savings). 

+ One-on-One X3 Package - Three 75-minute sessions of individual coaching, normally $600. Add these three sessions to your DiscipleOn membership for just $480 (a $120 savings).

A new membership resource for discipleship practitioners, from Ascending Leaders.





Missed our spring 2017 season? Next up is the 2017 season running August - December.

Attention Texas churches and nonprofit organizations: If you are exempt from sales tax, send us a copy of your tax exemption letter and we will refund the sales tax collected on your purchase. Contact us at for more information. Dismiss